Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alhamdulilah.. We meet again!

Alhamdulilah, finally Ramadhan came again and i still have the opportunities to be in it.Thank god.. I hope this ramadhan could really become a chance for me to "tarbiah" myself to become a good muslim... And to survive a year until ramadhan come again..

1. I want to finish all 30 juzuk of al-quran
   - i  got more free time than previous years, only  managed to finish 21 juzuk only...
2. To keep my pace accelerate and not decelerate..
3.First 20 days, jog.. must below 5 minit ,a round average....
. and a lot more... malas dah nak tulis..
Hope all of us can success........

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