Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In relationship ....

Sejak dua menjak ni, aku tgk dekat facbook member2 sekolah dulu makin ramai berilationship nih!!hahah mabrook!!! happy for u guys !!!

Kadang  aku terpiqir gak, weih dia pon dah ada awek syialll!! dia ni pon!!!
Aku bile laa plak!!!hahaha..Itu je ayat yang selalu bermain main dalam pala otak bila tau member2 dah berilationship..

Tp relex sudah!! Awal lagi !! Klu nak bukan tak boleh, aku ni hensem pa.. sat jaa boleh lekat,, !!! tapi tak mau jaa!!!FFFFFUUUU!!1hahahaha...Pada hal aku bukan reti beb bab ayat mengayat nih..hahaha!!!
Enjoy dulu beb!! Sbb aku dok tgk member yg bercouple nih, kdg2 bergadoh sbb bnda kecik je,, dah berjam jam buang masa, pujuk laa ape lah.... Nmpk renyah beb!! Bukan kawin lagi pon!! bru couple... dah lebih22..

Aku pon teringin gak nak try merasa,, tpi bila fikir balik,, dah study pon mcm apa lgi,, main guitar pon fail lgi,, tmbh2 nak plak aku start career main cricket utk kelab,,lullzzz... Tmbah lagi masalh, lgi jam otak aku nak memproses!!

Tak pe tak pe.. relex jee,, tak nak cari awek sbb desprate tgk orng ader!!! For what point klu mcm tu !! so biaq dia dtg sendri je laa!!! Don't rush!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

its been a while

i think it been ages i didn't write in this blog..
im not a good writer and i know no one would read my craps!

Back in Egypt =_= after about a month and half holiday because of revolution that happen.
One of the best , cuz i got to coach my ex school SMSSMJ and they win the "Zon Utara KRIKET" and 14 of April they going to Pahang for the national tournament . Shit!! i really did not want to go back cuz i really want to follow them... But the classzz had started already..Besides there also World cup cricket or ICC going on now.. At home, it was the best, although i did buy the Rm 400 chanel for the icc in astro, thanx to my stremyx 512kbps, i still can watch. U know, in HD, plug into my 48 LCD and homeTheater ... that was Beyond Awesome..To watch my fav team ,Australia and Sri lanka was priceless . But after came to egypt, everything is fuck up... Cannot watch, streaming is so fucking slow, always lag. i just follow the scorecard and highlight.. Cricket is not the game just to know the result by not watching... Every ball in overs is must watch...This is the best sport man ever created for me.. And also i know that for the very first time since 1999 wc, Australia had lost to Pakistan .. Their record never beaten in 34 games in world cup burn in their 35 games..shhhhitttttttttt...But Brett Lee bowl his heart out in da game,, Brett lee managed to get 4 wickets... His really my hero in cricket.. I looked up to him from the very first i started playing.. i developed my action and style from him... Now Australia will face India in the quarter. It will be hard to beat a team in their home ground, but i believe that they can do...

Come to egypt make me stop playing cricket... all the arabian are only play football.. everything is football. no other sport... Seriously, im a little bit frustrated cuz cricket was my life... and come to here , a place where cricket is alien.. But i found some article that say cricket is play by the indian and pakistan community here,,   There also a league.. But the date of the article was 2008.. i dont know they still play or not.. If they stil play ,, Im totally wanna join them,,,i luvvvv cricket,,, it like my first love bhai..ahaahahah...

 that it for now!!!