Monday, August 16, 2010

Re-make my blog

I delete all my previous post because i having a problem to apply for a new adsense account.. My previous account had a problem with payee name. In Malaysia there is no option to change the payee name.. So i look into some forum, they suggested me to cancel the account and make a new one.
 But after tried about 6 time, they keep disapproved me. All they said is unacceptable site content.. But why my previous account is running well with adsense.But know i faced the problems... So i delete all the post one to start a new one with original content. Although i really don't know it will works or not. Because before this i only just copied a phrase from article and also give credits to them... Maybe that the problem.. I actually don't know how it works.. So hope this time it will turn up well..   

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