Saturday, November 27, 2010

5-6/7 weeks before final sem

Okay, that mean my class have started and need to put a big effort if i want to get and excellent gred, which i really2 need to get.. This because really need to get good gred to get the loan/scholar ..

  But i need to deal with my concentration, nowdays i could not focus on study.. the longest is maybe 15 minutes.
Than Facebook butt in.. that site is shity addictive . But i think i could deal with it.. 5-6 weeks seem a long way to go but actually it is isn't. There is a lot to cover while learning a new one.. But lucky i choose Mansoura Manchester program.. Got a lot of time to study and relax.. If u see the time table, there is no way u have any reason not to get a good gred.. 2-3 hours a day class, and after that u free..

But this PBL things make u need to do all the work by urself. Most of the lecture just give the guidline about the objective u need to learn that week. Most of the input u need to find ur self. I am a lazy guy, so no library for me, and internet/wiki/youtube are my dearest friends. That why they give alot of free time..

So time need to spend wisely or else i will get carried away with to much entertainment.. because i am a crazy about series.. Got about 10 i guess series that i follow... hmmm don't know what to write about now..

Okay ,  next post maybe about what going on about music especially guitar@guitarist..

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