Friday, December 3, 2010

Sudden Death by Megadeth,,,, Mmg terbaeakkk..

This song just so awesome.. And shit , i just only know it today.. How come i said megadeth is my no 1 fav band and i doesn't know this song...too busy of

okay this song was release on 28 Sept. It was written for the inclusion for Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock.
This is the first song release with Dave Ellefson back with Megadeth..Yeahh.. And it was nominated for Best Metal Performance In 53 Grammy Awards..

This song also show how the new album will sound... Because  there is an interview said that they were working on the new album... Hope it will be next year...cant wait , Megadeth always come out with masterpiece that blow anyone who listen to it...

I really like the chorus of the song.. And chris and dave mustaine solo are fucking awesome....

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