Sunday, July 31, 2011

Loudness live in Kuala Lumpur 2011

Last Sunday , 24 of July one of the historic event for the Malaysian's metalheads who have been waiting for 30 years to watch Loudness play in front of their eyes in Malaysia . It like a dream come for all  the metelheads. Loudness have been the biggest influenced for the Malaysian heavy metal or know as 'Rock kapak'. Most of the band take loudness as their influenced back the such as Search , used to cover their hit song "heavy chain" in one event in the 80's with tv3 i guess. So all fan here were really exciting when Loudness wanted to play in kuala lumpur .

Me myself been listening to loudness for years will not let the chance to see them live get away ! The event was on 24 July 2011 at KL live . The venue was hard for me to find it as im not really use to KL road ! Im even sweating alot before i could found it hahaha, the concert not even started yet i already wet !

At 3.00 o'clock , fans already gathered around the place waiting to go in at 5 o'clock . Could see many fan wearing the shirt rising sun logo ! And also there were Sabah kids dressing like 80's. ahah all the fans were really excited.As the gate open , i rushed to get inside first to get to the front row, what the point for me to see a legend band perform not at the first row . Hahaah for me those who bought the vip ticket were really2 "rugi" haha .. no point going to a concert sitting !! "Tak rock la brader" .

The show started by 3 opening band Shewolves , Satira , and the only one Sofea . Shewolves suck ! Satira was okay . Sofea was the best , although i didn't like the way they dressing , wearing the wig . but there performance was the best .Sing along with their song like Hati syaitan , orang timur dan anak liar.

Sharp at 8 o'clock , Loudness came out , all the fans kept shouting their name.I could see akira coming out with his guitar that got LED on the fret ! Totally awesome feeling watching a legend in front of my eyes! This is the setlist

  1. Fire Of Spirit 
  2. Hit The Rails
  3. Crazy Night
  4. Heavy Chain
  5. In the Mirror
  6. So lonely
  7. Akira Guitar solo
  8. Shadow of war feat Amy search
  9. Get Away
  10. Black Star Oblivion
  11. Requim 
  12. King Of Pain
  13. Crazy Doctor
  14. ENCORE1
  15. Let it go
  16. Like Hell
  17. Encore 2 - S.D.I
It was the best concert that i ever attended . It was  a rock'n roll crazy night . Although most of them already reach 50th and 40th , they still awesome . The act that they put on stage really energetic and make the crowd go wild an crazy ! All i know the crowds sing along from the start to the end ! Damm nice ! It was a nice exp to see Akira takasaki play all my fav solo live ! ahah Crazy doctor , heavy chain , s.d.i , in the mirror , all laah! Still stoke till now ! There are some pic i took with my digital camera , not that good , but enjoice !! 


  1. Apa lagi agaknya band metal yang lu nak tengok main kat KL ni.

  2. klu aku laaa, nak tgk Megadeth . tak dpt di kl simpan slow pi blah europe