Monday, August 23, 2010

I receive the pin Mail from Google, BUT

Today i have received the Pin Mail from Google But, I already canceled the account.

The reason why i canceled the account because the payee name, i didn't put my fathers name .

So there is some problem when to withdraw the money.Google adsense is so strict , they didn't give u the

option to correct ur payee name. I tried to find solution in the forum, and most of the recommended me to

cancel the account and try to apply for a new one. And did apply for a new one, 5 times, all been rejected

because the content. Before this ok jee,,.After cancel and not displayed google ads, my blog METAL

PIRATE, traffic go down.. Before this i can get around 100-300, but now to get to 100 is a pain.  Ehmm ,hope so after this i apply and they will accept it.


  1. mine was banned last year.. lol.. oh well.. =)

  2. lol... why! must be u spam ur self..haahahah