Monday, August 23, 2010

My Gears Of Wars

Today, i gonna introduce to u MY GEARS OF WARS.

Although it is not high standard gears, but only these i afford now.Hahaha..

Next aim either JACKSON or  Dean.

+This is my very first electric guitar, thanx to my friend for making the MEGADETH sticker before botb at  um.

My second guitar, just  ibanez ,GRG only....But really help me to practice to improve my skill

My brothers guitar, because he is in bording school so , it is mine..haahah, ignore the wallpaper as this is not my room. but my mini studio..

Really produce the sound that i really wanted.gonna make a song before fly to egypt. And it will be thrash or 80's..Depend what came up on my head.

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